Indoor Reflection moment from the team building. Photo by Watsemba Miriam.


If you are an online reader, then you have come across the word millennials.

There’s currently been lots of observations, articles, and opinions about this generation of tech-people. Millennials thrive on the internet and gadgets. They love to explore, adventure, learn, innovate, contribute to change and live in every moment of value addition experiences.

Millennials thrive on the internet and gadgets.
Millennials thrive on the internet and gadgets.

Such experiences may include; social corporate responsibility activities like the clicks of Hope, Online skills Courses, charity works, innovation projects or simply team building activities.

Millenials appreciate such value addition activities at the work place way more than the monthly pay cheque and cute desk that you (employer) require them to bench at from 9am to 5pm on a daily.

Companies that are incorporating rich, fun and yet educative experiences in their work system stand a higher chance of attracting, managing, keeping and tapping from the fresh talents and disrupting great ideas of the millennial generation.

Millenial-like work environment.
A millennial-like work environment.

Here is why I would like to give a huge digital shout out to MKOPA Uganda for creating an environment that not only manages and accommodates millennials and their unique perspectives of work, but also continuously attends to their need of adventure, fun and growth.

I had a chance to spend two weekends at The Lake Side Adventure Park with the M-KOPA group of tech generation employees during a great, disruptive, fun and very informative/educative team building experience that was conducted by innovation master company; Sudesh Int’l Consult.

During one of the sessions with MKOPA and Sudesh Int'l Consult.
During one of the sessions with MKOPA and Sudesh Int’l Consult.

Every game from huddle races, sack races, net climbing, rope courses to zip lining; all came with a load of great insight on how to identify personal blue prints even in a work place, and how to use it to discover why work matters.

Like why are you at the job you are at?, why do you wake up every single morning and go work at that desk?, why do you post what you post on social media?, why do you even want to be successful in life?. And at the end of the day?, everybody’s why pushed people to depths of wanting more out of oneself regardless of current circumstances which may include, level of education, salary level, network capacity and and natural talents.

Some of the moments from MKOPA’s team building with Sudesh Int’l Consult at Lake Side Adventure Park.

Today’s workforce values purpose, is full of millennials (tech generation) and calls for different skill sets  on the side of employers to get the best out of them. Educate yourself and don’t be left behind.




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