If you are an online reader, then you have come across the word millennials. There’s currently been lots of observations, articles, and opinions about this generation of tech-people. Millennials thrive on the internet and gadgets. They love to explore, adventure, learn, innovate, contribute to change and live in every moment of value addition experiences. Such…

Get You A Safe Boda, Get you Professional Riding.

Have you ever met a man who steals your attention without struggle, he takes your brain and gives it a super ‘brainal’ (Intellectual orgasm) with his firm character and out pour-age of knowledge.

 There is nothing that earns respect so easily with out a sweat like a man of knowledge, understanding and example.

Sights In Uganda #6

Ohh!!! You got to visit Uganda, You got to experience the beauty and love of both the creation and the creator. The GOD!

Sights In Ugnada #5

Birds don’t sing because they want to sing. They sing because they have a song.

Photo credit : Watsemba Miriam

Sights In Uganda #4

Even when it is getting stormy, Uganda is painted in a beauty beyond imagination. Photo credit : Watsemba Miriam


Unlike other primates, the limbs of Uganda’s Black and White Colobus monkeys bear no thumbs.

Coats made from their rich fur were most popular in the 1920s and 1930s.

Sun Set At The Lake Side.

“There’s never one sunrise the same or one sunset the same.’ Carlos Santana Every sunrise and sunset is a new independent experience! The sunset paints the hills into dark solid shadows, the lake into a liquid silver and the sky in a mixture of blending oranges, dark blues and fading whites. “I find it incredibly…

Travel in Uganda. #2

How well do you know Uganda?  Take a look at the picture, what is the name of the town you see? #TravelQuiz #SightsInUganda   Mbarara town is the main municipal, administrative and commercial centre of South Western Uganda and also the mother host of Mbarara district headquarters. It is also one of the fastest growing…

The Pride of Mbarara.

The heart of Mbarara town, located in the West of Uganda.  A story, my camera lens just had to capture. #SightsInUganda #Travels